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Interview with the first American SACC USA Chairman, Gary Bruce

23 Feb 2021 10:13 AM | SACC-Georgia (Administrator)

Interview with the first American SACC USA Chairman, Gary Bruce - Managing Partner at Prosperity Developers International (PDI)

We had the pleasure of talking with Gary Bruce, Managing Partner at Prosperity Developers International (PDI). He currently lives in Winter Haven, Florida with his wife Bonnie, who also is involved within PDI. He got involved with the SACC organization after working for PartnerTech in Malmö, Sweden. He has a genuine interest in the Swedish culture and still has many family friends in Sweden. In this interview, Bruce talks about his biggest accomplishment with PDI, his connection to Georgia, his unique connection to the SACC community and much more. Enjoy! 

PDI is a boutique global management consulting firm. Their target clients are small to medium-sized companies with an interest in the USA and Scandinavia. PDI’s role is to provide management services while bridging the cultural gap that often slows down and creates costly expenses for companies.  

“Our management team is fluent in both cultures and will be able to provide services that are adapted for each. We offer a broad range of services and have a unique mixture of experienced consultants onboard with a broad network.​”

Their biggest attribute is the experience and growth of their staff. “We have really accomplished people working with us and hope to announce some additional partners soon”, Bruce said. 

Another highlight of PDI’s success is, according to Bruce, working with past SACC-USA intern, Mona.

The History of PDI 

Bruce explained that PDI has been active for a number of years. However, the past few years have focused on requests for support and help with Swedish companies wanting to move and grow in the US. Currently, all of their business partners have extensive experience with Sweden/Scandinavia and the USA. PDI’s major practices are sales and marketing, operations & administration, company formations, and multicultural & bilateral business. 

Unique Selling Point 

PDI’s unique selling point is their wide network of connections and being fluent in both Scandinavian and US business cultures. Bruce explains,“Our team is highly connected to business and government. Since PDI is highly involved with SACC, they have many connections and support many SACC members in the USA.”

Bruce’s Connection to Georgia 

Bruce has many connections to Georgia - he lived in Georgia for 20 years and still has many close friends here including our board members Christina Tai, Tom Rosseland and John Woodward, amongst others.

Proud Member of the SACC Community

When Bruce started to get involved with the SACC community, his first intention was to keep his connection to Sweden after working there throughout the years. 

He continues to be heavily involved with SACC to this day. In fact, Bruce was the first American SACC-USA chairman - to this day, he regards this achievement as a real honor. During his period as chairman, he was part of the group that started the SACC Summit event Executive Forum events. PDI has utilized this successful partnership with SACC Texas to support Start Up Sweden. 

He finished this interview with - It was a real honor to be the first American to hold the office SACC USA chairman. 


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