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Tips for new graduates from experienced recruiters

28 Jun 2021 11:54 PM | SACC-Georgia (Administrator)

We recently had the opportunity to interview two recruiting professionals in our network and explore their tips for recent graduates who are searching for jobs. Through exclusive interviews, we are able to share Bernard van der Lande and Dan Erling’s best advice for those on the job hunt. 

Dan Erling

  • Mr. Erling discusses how important it is to understand the culture of a company when considering what to wear to a job interview. It is important to do research on the company beforehand to ascertain the culture of the company. If you have no information about the company, it is recommended that a jacket and a button up shirt be worn and for women a business blouse. Being more formal is better than being underdressed. 

  • After an interview, Mr. Erling states that it is important to follow up with a thank you email. It makes a huge difference. 

  • Never make an interview about yourself. Strive to understand how you can bring value to the company and focus on that. Discussing how you can bring value to a company through your own experience is a great way to stand out in an interview. 

Bernard van der Lande

  • The best way to network is to be proactive about it. You can reach out to people on social media and start conversations about their posts or achievements. LinkedIn is a great place to do that. You have to make the first move to make an impression. 

  • To stand out in an interview, you have to show that you are enthusiastic to be there. People do not want to hire someone who looks unenthusiastic. Showing you are happy to be there and enthusiastic about your work is the best way to impress your interviewer.

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