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21 Dec 2016 8:38 AM | SACC-Georgia (Administrator)

Interview with Jeff Green, President at Qmatic Corporation US


Qmatic is a company that bridge the online and physical world with smart technology solutions. They would love to help to further bridge Sweden with Georgia. It is a Swedish company with offices in both Atlanta, Georgia and Mölndal, Sweden.

Jeff Green directs Qmatic U.S. He is a passionate brand and customer experience advocate with more than two decades of leadership experience focused on service delivery, account management and business development. Jeff leads a team of more than 50 employees who focus on ensuring Qmatic customers enjoy an experience as exceptional as the one they strive to deliver for their own customers.


Why is Qmatic in Atlanta? What’s interesting about Atlanta now and in the future vs. when you first arrived?

Qmatic has been in the US for the past almost 30 years.  Originally in Illinois, then Asheville, NC, then Duluth, GA since 2011.  Key reasons are accessibility to a major international airport, solid business (and technology) community, and we enjoy being East Coast (easy access to everywhere) with great quality of living in this area for our employees.  Most interesting in the future is the evolution Georgia continues to go through as a international and national technology business center.  

Is all your business for North America from Atlanta?

Our direct business is managed out of Atlanta, yes, but we have clients in all 50 states and a sales coverage model for whole US.  We support Canada operationally, Qmatic Canada, but sell and manage clients through channel partners in Canada, and Non US North America.

What about the DMV in Georgia? Are they a customer? Are you pleased with this success?

Yes, Georgia Department of Driver Services is a key client of ours in the state.  We partner with 23 of the 44 state run Motor Vehicle departments/agencies.  Pleased with Georgia, yes, working with them on continual improvement of business process and better serving citizens is a key focus for us in our relationship with them.

Any other big successes in Georgia and the U.S.?

Many, we focus in 8 key industry segments in the US and have many strong success stories to share. 

What’s ahead in North America?

Growth. Locally, regionally, and nationally.  We will be tweaking our org structure to better drive market and industry focused growth.  We are the industry leader in US with huge growth potential.

Let’s talk about the bridge between Sweden and Georgia, and the ocean that’s been squeezed to being just a river…

Definitely want to leverage. Working to have a stronger business bridge. From Qmatic US, we are very focused on our national footprint and we are proud of being a Swedish company – we manufacture and create our software and hardware in Sweden.



Visit at our corporate member Qmatic, founded in Mölndal, Sweden in 1981. They now have 11 international offices worldwide and one of them is in Georgia. Here with their Swedish intern Max who spent the summer of 2016 at their Atlanta office – he had a great time!


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