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Feature Friday| Interview with Nina Maja Bergmar

19 Aug 2021 4:58 AM | SACC-Georgia (Administrator)

We had the pleasure of meeting with Nina Maja Bergmar, founder of the law firm Bergmar Law LLC.  Bergmar decided to open her own law firm in January 2021 after working for six and a half years with different large firms in Atlanta. While she previously defended employer companies in employment disputes, she now represents individual employees who have been subjected to unlawful employment actions by their employers.  So far, her hard work has paid off with lots of success! She talks about the flexibility of having her own business and being a mother of a 19-month-old-baby, and much more – enjoy!

Dream coming true

Ever since Bergmar was a young child, she knew that she wanted to become a lawyer. She moved from Sweden to the U.S. to finish her last two years of high school at an international boarding school. She then attended Dartmouth College, where she graduated with a double major in Government and Women’s & Gender Studies. After graduating from college, Bergmar’s dream of becoming a lawyer began to materialize as she was accepted to Vanderbilt Law School. 

After graduating from law school in 2014, Bergmar worked at several different big law firms in Atlanta where she represented and defended employer companies in employment disputes with employees. In January 2021, Bergmar decided to go out on her own and “switch sides”; she started Bergmar Law LLC and began representing individuals subjected to unlawful employment actions by employers, such as discrimination, retaliation, leave denial, and pay issues.  She said she is loving the new practice so far.

No day looks like the other.  

Bergmar further explained the perks of having her own firm. The flexibility and doing work on her own terms were attractive, she said.

I've always had a bit of an entrepreneurial streak”

Bergmar has always had an entrepreneurial streak and was also longing for a more flexible work schedule. “I just want to emphasize that it is possible to have a successful legal career and also have young children,” she said. “Many firms are willing to accommodate you in whatever way they can, but if it's not possible then don't be scared to go out on your own.”  

In Bergmar’s practice, no day looks like the other. “I get crazy cases every day. The thing with employment law is that it never gets boring,” Bergmar said. Bergmar explained that her work involves a lot of interpersonal disputes and sometimes severe cases of discrimination and retaliation. 

Bergmar was always interested in representing individuals, but the bigger law firms she used to work at only represented the defendant companies, she explained. Bergmar was also eager to use her experience from working with larger law firms to practice law her own way, on her own terms. 

“I wanted to go out on my own and just do it my way.”

Unique selling point

Bergmar Law LLC is unique in that Bergmar has first-hand experience with representing both sides in an employment dispute. 

I know what the other side is thinking.” 

Her insights into the thinking and strategies of the other side helps her better represent her clients. 

The other reason why she stands out is that she takes pride in being responsive. Bergmar emphasizes the importance of following up and maintaining positive relationships with clients. 

Her love of Atlanta, GA

From a lawyer's point of view, Atlanta is one of the best legal markets in the country. You can find all types of industries and people, and it's a very diverse environment. To have the opportunity to work with clients of diverse backgrounds, income levels, and ethnicities is something Bergmar appreciates and enjoys.

I've just fallen in love with this city, it has so much to offer.” 

Before she moved to Atlanta, Bergmar did not know much about the city. She was very pleasantly surprised when she saw everything that Atlanta has to offer. Her favorite places to visit in Atlanta are Piedmont Park, the Beltline, Ponce City Market, and Krog Street Market. Several friends who have visited Bergmar in Atlanta have expressed an immediate interest in relocating to the city, which Bergmar thinks is a good review of the city.

Her connection to Sweden. 

Bergmar grew up in Mariefred, Sweden, which is located approximately 45 minutes outside of Stockholm. Bergmar wanted to get involved with the Swedish community in Atlanta, so she reached out to SACC GA. She said that it is fantastic to be on the other side of the earth and meet people with various connections to Sweden. It is also very nice to connect with people from the same culture, she said. 

Bergmar finished the conversation by inviting anyone who needs guidance on starting their own business to reach out to her – she is always happy to chat.

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