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Meet Lina our Business Development Trainee

8 Jul 2022 12:56 PM | SACC-Georgia (Administrator)

Who are you?
My name is Lina, I am 25 years old, and I was born and raised in Gothenburg,
Sweden. Recently, I finished my Master’s degree in International Business and Trade
at the School of Business, Economics, and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

Why did you apply for this internship?
I have always wanted to work abroad, especially in the US. The Swedish American
Chamber of Commerce is a great place to kick start your international career. Being
at SACC-Georgia is exciting since Atlanta is a hub for many different industries.

What are your first impressions of Atlanta?
Well... they do not call it Hotlanta for nothing! My first impression was that it was
very hot and humid, but also, you can not miss the Southern hospitality. People in
Atlanta are so friendly and people always smile and say Hello even if you do not
know them. I love the city, it is full of life and many things to do.

What did you do prior to your internship at SACC-GA?
I was a full-time student at the University of Gothenburg, acquiring a Master’s degree
in International Business and Trade. I also worked part-time at a company called
Cellmark as a Sales Service Coordinator. In addition, I volunteered for several youth
organizations in the town where I lived. This is a great passion of mine

What are your expectations for your internship?
My expectations for this internship are to gather valuable experiences that I can use
in my future career, as well as to evolve as a person. I pursue the experience of
working in a different culture and get a better understanding of how businesses
operate in the US, as well as how a chamber of commerce functions. I also look
forward to expanding my network and developing relationships here in Atlanta and across the US.


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