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WE SERVE AS YOUR HR PARTNER IN THE US: Member Spotlight with Cecilia Kullman, Director HR Solutions, YER USA.

22 Jan 2024 11:20 AM | SACC-Georgia (Administrator)

SACC GA interviewed Cecilia Kullman, Director HR Solutions at YER USA. YER USA is a recruitment agency specializing in European-based companies operating in the U.S. YER HR Solutions is a separate entity supporting start-up companies with payroll and benefits administration so they can focus on what matters most – managing and growing their business in the U.S. market. Our interview explores the essence of HR Solutions, the challenges they address, and the unique expertise that sets YER USA apart, providing valuable insights for European companies eyeing expansion into the thriving U.S. business landscape.

Cecilia came to the U.S. thirty years ago from Bohuslän, Sweden, to study at the University of Maryland. She lives in Washington, D.C. s and previously worked at SACC-USA for many years. Her greatest legacy with SACC-USA is building the J1 visa program, providing practical work experience in the U.S. for young Swedes.

What is HR Solutions, and what value does it have for startups aiming at the U.S. market?

YER HR Solutions is a program of significant importance specifically for startups or smaller companies ready for the U.S. market and looking to hire U.S.-based personnel.  YER USA can assist with the recruitment search or the company may already have a pre-selected candidate. Through YER HR Solutions, we offer services that include employment contracts and the administration of salaries and benefits.YER HR Solutions becomes the employer of record, meaning we take care of everything from payroll and benefits to insurance and taxes. It also means that a European startup can make its first hires in the U.S. without being incorporated here.

What problems do you help companies solve, and why is it most valuable for them?

Companies looking to establish operations in the US encounter different regulations in different states, and we solve problems they may not even be aware of. It is especially valuable for those who are new and are looking to expand. With YER HR Solutions, they don't need to worry about employment contracts or different state labor laws; we handle hiring and administration so they can focus on growing their business in the U.S.

How do you differentiate yourselves from others in the market, and what makes your experts special?

We have experts focusing on Europe, including Sweden. Our  team members understand the knowledge gaps and can help eliminate cultural barriers. We offer knowledge of both Swedish and American work cultures, making it easier for Swedish companies to establish themselves and thrive in the USA.

What do you want to emphasize for Swedish companies considering expanding to the USA?

The U.S. market is strong and constantly growing, with incredible opportunities. Swedish companies should not be afraid to take the leap. We make it easy for companies to enter the market by reducing entry barriers. Just focus on your business development and we will take care of your employees. Swedish companies have a lot to offer the U.S. market, have a good reputation and are well-positioned in many sectors and technologies. Now is the time to take the step and explore opportunities in the world's largest market.

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