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Interview with Member The Wesley Company: A Century of Excellence in Commercial Real Estate

2 Apr 2024 6:44 AM | SACC-Georgia (Administrator)

For over 100 years, The Wesley Company has been a cornerstone in the commercial real estate sector, offering unmatched services and a commitment to community value. From helping clients find the perfect location to offering innovative solutions like third-party logistics and Foreign Trade Zones, The Wesley Company exemplifies dedication to customer service and industry excellence.

What is the focus of your business?

Our company works in commercial real estate as our family has for over 100 years.

What value does this offer to a customer?

We call it a “stake in the community”. A high standard of customer service is essential to protecting our reputation as a company and a family.

What do your services entail?

We primarily work with businesses to help them find the right facilities for their business real estate needs. This might be an office, a warehouse, a building, or land. We also help owners and companies dispose of or rent their properties.

Where the majority of our activity is in Georgia, we also help our clients with other facilities needs around the US.

Is there any specific area of Atlanta that you focus on?

Not really. Atlanta has many areas that all differ as to their benefits. In order to serve the customer’s needs, we must take all alternative areas into account. We try to help folks define their needs, starting with where they want to live, where their clients are and what is the nature of their interaction, where their employees live, the need for future expansion of both their facilities and employee base and their needs for specific amenities and services.

Is this only sales and leasing? What else does this include?

There have been many changes in recent years in the real estate needs of corporations. We have had customers that ended up electing to work from their homes or from a shared facility, a mailing address, an answering service. If this is what they need, we do not benefit from trying to sell them something that they do not.

The results are very interesting meetings with non-traditional real estate options like 3PL-FTZs that offer third party logistics or fulfillment services as well as Foreign Trade Zones through which an international business might avoid, reduce or defer tariffs on their imported goods.

If their products warrant a foreign trade zone benefit, we can also assist them in their getting this for the facility from which they elect to operate.

Sounds like much more than just real estate.

Yes, a lot of the issues like facility design, building and occupancy permits, and insurance requirements differ in the US from those of other countries. Where we do not discourage hiring legal services when and where necessary, we can also answer or can offer an explanation for many of the questions that arise as a result of these differences or arrange an introduction to someone without needlessly wasting money.

Our activities as a service provider are not driven by immediate economic gratification from the people that we meet and interact with every day.

Business transactions from which we profit are often the culmination of many years of relationship building with a multitude of people.

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