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Unlock your Company’s Growth in Georgia - Discover How the Georgia Department of Economic Development Supports Global Business Completely Free of Charge

9 May 2024 2:40 PM | SACC-Georgia (Administrator)

SACC Georgia had the pleasure of interviewing Coryn Marsik, the Director of International Investment at the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD). With a robust background in international relations and over four years at the helm of international engagement for the state, Marsik leads Georgia’s initiatives to attract and support foreign direct investment. Her role encompasses managing the state’s FDI strategies, international offices, and collaborating with local chambers of commerce to strengthen Georgia’s business environment. The services offered by Marsik and her department are provided free of charge, emphasizing Georgia’s commitment to supporting business expansion and economic development.

Georgia's business landscape is known for its dynamic growth and innovation. How do you believe this environment has contributed to the success of international companies, who choose to establish their presence here?

Georgia’s environment offers a blend of strategic investments and business-friendly policies that make it attractive for international companies. We are intentional about our infrastructure investments, such as in our ports and airports, which facilitate easy market access. The state's dynamic growth in sectors like e-mobility and Life Sciences, coupled with a commitment to workforce development and education, creates a fertile ground for businesses to thrive. Our large-scale initiatives, like the emphasis on state’s sea and inland ports, highlight our proactive approach to fostering an environment conducive to business success.

In what ways does GDEcD assist international businesses?

We provide a free comprehensive range of services to international companies considering Georgia as their U.S. base. This includes site selection, market research, and workforce development. We actively engage with these companies post-establishment to ensure their continued success and integration into Georgia’s economic landscape. Our services extend to integrating them into our regional and statewide business networks, including their industry ecosystems, statewide utility partners, and our university and technical colleges. 

How does the department collaborate with organizations to foster economic development and strengthen ties between Georgia and global markets?

Collaboration is key to our strategy. We work with a variety of stakeholders including local chambers, trade offices, consulates, our own communities, and other partners to build a robust international business ecosystem. For example, our international offices coordinate with local teams to support both the export aspirations of Georgian companies and the investment needs of foreign enterprises. This synergistic approach helps streamline the integration of international companies into our local markets and supports their expansion and success.

Have you worked with any Swedish companies who were interested in GA as a location for their US expansion?

Yes, we have a long-standing relationship with Swedish companies, and Georgia has had a Swedish consular presence for over 220 years. Companies like Electrolux and Husqvarna are examples of Swedish enterprises that have established significant operations in Georgia. We continue to see interest and expansion from Swedish firms across various sectors, reflecting our strong ties with Sweden and our mutual commitment to fostering business growth.

Could you highlight any recent success stories where GDEcD helped any Scandinavian-American businesses?

Recent expansions by Swedish companies in Georgia exemplify our successful engagement with Scandinavian-American businesses. These companies have thrived under our economic development strategies, benefiting from our supportive business environment and tailored assistance. The ongoing expansions and investments from these companies into diverse industries such as manufacturing and healthcare are testament to the effectiveness of our collaboration and the opportunities available in Georgia’s dynamic economy.

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