Interview with Qmatic CFO Tobias Martinsson!

10 Oct 2018 9:13 AM | SACC-Georgia (Administrator)

This week, we had the chance to speak to Tobias Martinsson who is CFO at Qmatic, a global leader in queuing and customer journey management solutions as well as corporate members of SACC-Georgia. Read more about Tobias and his background, as well as the very interesting company Qmatic, its previous journey as well as what lies ahead in the future below.

Tobias grew up in Vänersborg, a small town close to Sweden’s second largest city Gothenburg, where he graduated from Handelshögskolan majoring in Business Management. Tobias has been with Qmatic since 2011, and after about three years at the company he was offered to join the US organization as CFO.

- It was an easy choice to take on the role here in the US! I was excited about the challenge of the role as CFO and had never been to Atlanta. My wife and I have always liked travelling so we are very grateful for getting the opportunity to get to know this new part of the world.

Qmatic is a global leader in queuing and customer journey management solutions, offering products and solutions that connect people to services. They do this through their own software platform and hardware solutions which they design and manufacture. With their offering Qmatic helps their clients provide great customer journey experiences. Globally, the company focuses on four key industry sectors - Public, Healthcare, Financial and Retail.

- A great thing with the Qmatic offering is that we have solutions that can fit into most environments, even if it is for an enterprise client with over 1,000+ offices, or clients with perhaps only one office. Qmatics offering is scalable in both size and functionality, which means that we can grow with our customers and create long term relationships.

The past
Being a product technology company, Qmatic has transformed a lot since its establishment in 1981, a lot because of the fast and advanced technological development since then.
- Our offering has moved from what was once basically only a hardware product made for one single location, to today being a large enterprise software platform with a lot of integration points. To stay relevant on the market, we have grown with our customers and listened to them for input into our product development. Being a global company, we have also managed to gain experiences from all over the world and taken that into account when entering new markets.

Tobias explains further how innovation is something always present in the company’s culture, as well as being influenced by its values and at some levels its Swedish heritage.
- In a very dynamic way, we have created a culture of a ’30 year old start-up’ to stay relevant and drive innovation. We also do have a Swedish influence in our culture. For instance, we have adopted the “Swedish Fika”, which we try to have regularly as a social gathering where we share company updates. However, we also work in global teams where influences are being shared in both directions. Our corporate values are built on four key words - Commitment, Expertise, Teamwork and Ownership. They seem to work everywhere and can be felt in all our companies, blended well with the local culture.

The present of Qmatic
Being a company on a constantly and fast changing market with many innovations and new entrants does not go without challenges.
- For Qmatic, our challenge is that we are a fairly small company in the technology market, even though we are the biggest one within our space. We do not have the strong brand name as some large technology companies do. However, this can also be an advantage to us in the sense that we are the true experts in our field.

 Despite having a product that fits all around the world, the challenges as well as market presence somewhat differs around the globe.
- At Qmatic we can see that depending on where we operate in the world, our solutions tend to work better in some segments than others. For example when comparing Sweden and the US, we are much stronger in the public sector in the US. People in the US visit places like DMV and Social Security offices. In Sweden it is more common to do these type of services online and Qmatic has a stronger prescence within the retail industry. If you the Middle Eastern region, we are strong in the financial sector of retail banks. 

Relation to SACC-GA
SACC-GA is proud to have Qmatic as one of our corporate members, and Tobias himself is an active member of the chamber who enjoys the events.
- Qmatic joined SACC-GA because we wanted to have a closer tie to our Swedish heritage. The organization also has a very active community which makes it a great network to be part of. I have personally been to quite a few events over the past years and I have really enjoyed company visits like the ones at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and Thomas Concrete. My favorite event however is probably the one I just participated in, the annual Golf Tournament. This year it was arranged together with the Dutch Chamber, which was a great success that I think SACC-GA should continue to build on.

The future
Finally, Tobias explains that the future of Qmatic lies in providing even better experiences for their clients, through providing more data insights and innovation.
- With our systems there are many unique touchpoints where clients can access data and statistics. The future includes utilization of a variety of merging technologies, from better business intelligence to AI and beyond. We can see that customer experiences are getting more and more transparent in today's world, and that a good or bad experience can be shared amongst millions of potential customers through various from of media. All organizations need to understand how to improve the experience for their customers. Qmatic will help them succeeding in this area.


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